Sexta-feira, 4 de Abril de 2008

Alfred Gough e Miles Millar deixam Smallville

Alfred Gough e Miles Millar, os produtores executivos e criadores de Smallville tenha decidido abandonar o seu trabalho em Smallville e seguir novos projectos.


Aqui fica a carta deles :

Alfred Gough et Miles Millar

As the creators of “Smallville” we look back at 7 amazing years. We look back at 152 episodes. We look back knowing that the show will continue into Season 8 without us. After much heartache and debate we have decided it is time for us to move on.

Over the last 7 years we have had the honor of working with a remarkable team of people here in Los Angeles and in Vancouver. We have been blessed with a wonderful cast who we have watched mature with admiration and affection. We have been rewarded with a fan base that is as loyal as it is vocal.

We are incredibly proud of our work on this show. We achieved what we set out to do. We never compromised our vision. We leave knowing that “Smallville” is the longest-running comic book based series of all-time. The show was featured on the covers of Rolling Stone, MAD magazine, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly. The pilot had the highest-rated premiere in the history of the WB. Even in its seventh year it is still the #1 scripted show on the network. “Smallville” is watched by millions of people in hundreds of countries and in dozens of languages around the world.

The show’s success is a credit to a fantastically talented group of people. We wanted to take this chance to single some of them out. Our writers – your work speaks for itself. James, Jae, Rob, David – the backbone of our team in Vancouver. Joe Davola, Chris and Shelly – remember those Friday night brainstorming sessions? Len Goldstein and Steve Pearlman – thanks for believing we could do this. David Nutter – for giving the show your magic touch. John Litvack – when the knives were out, you always had our backs. Ken Horton – our Yoda. Peter Roth – Smallville’s biggest fan. Melinda, Michael R., Paul M., Susan and Suzanne – for steering us through 152 episodes. Greg Beeman – your passion is an inspiration. Jordan, David, Garth, Carolyn, Bob & Lew – and everyone at the much-missed WB. Paul Levitz, Greg Noveck and the guys at DC Comics. Lisa Lewis – our very own soccer mom/mafia accountant. Michael Gendler – aka mega-counsel. David Lubliner – we can finally focus on features now. And last but in no way the least, Renee Kurtz – the smartest TV agent in town, we would be nowhere without you!

Finally, to the fans who have stuck with us through the highs and the lows: know this – we never stopped fighting to make this show great. Thanks for watching.

Alfred Gough & Miles Millar

creditos : KryptonSite

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Quarta-feira, 12 de Março de 2008

video do episódio hero

Como postei neste link : ek k fala sobre o episódio k se chama : hero .

Aqui fica o video do epi´sodio k estreia amanha e em k se pode ver o concerto  do grupo One Republic e tb onde se ve Pete come goma com kryptonita para alcançar  habilidades sobrehumanas.

Pete tenta roubar Lex  com as suas habilidades mas Clark vai fazer algo para ele não conseguir comenter tal erro


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Quinta-feira, 28 de Fevereiro de 2008

Michael Rosenbaum As The New Freddy Krueger?

Neste artigo diz k o actor Michael Rosenbaum  k protagoniza Luthor en Smallville podera se calhar protagonizar  a personagem de terror Freddy Krueger 



I’m going to say up front that as rumors go, this one is a bit sketchy. But it’s an interesting notion, and in the interests of reporting everything we get our hands on unfiltered, here it is.

Tonight I got an email from a friend of the site who says she was lucky enough to spot Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum out and about lunching with Michael Bay in Hollywood this past weekend. Now they could be out having some sort of secret gay affair I suppose, or maybe they’re secret BFFs, but our source seems to think that they were talking business, and that their business may have been Michael Bay’s reboot of the classic horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street. And here’s where the speculation gets really unsubstantiated and crazy… our source guesses that this could mean Rosenbaum is up for the role of young Freddy Krueger, since Bay will need one to fill Robert Englund’s shoes.

However, Michael Bay has a lot of pokers in the fire and they could have really been talking about anything. Maybe he wants him to voice a robot in Transformers 2. But Rosenbaum is about the right age to put on the claws and play Freddy in a reboot, and for some weird reason it’s easy to picture him actually excelling at the role. He’d never be Robert Englund, but Rosenbaum actually might not be half bad.

Oddly enough, Rosenbaum has actually worked with the original Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund before. In 1998 they both appeared in Urban Legend.

For now it’s all wild conjecture, but Bay and Rosenbaum are definitely up to something, and I seriously doubt it has anything to do with Smallville or buying matching charm bracelets.

creditos da noticia :

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Sábado, 23 de Fevereiro de 2008

Smallville Spoilers #713 "Hero": Pete Returns!

O actor Sam Jones amigo Pete Ross na serie "Smallville" e foi visto na última temporada 3 episódio intitulado "Forsaken" está a voltar à cidade ficcional Kansas num próxima episódio em Março .

No episódio, Pete, que recebe um meteoro salva as vidas de Kara e Jimmy .

Lex vai, porém, tentar  manipular Pete usando sentimentos para Chloe k são fruto do seu passado .

Pete não ficara  muito satisfeito com as mudanças que ocorreram na cidade.

A banda One Republic  vai ser   o convidado especial  no episódio.

creditos :
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Quarta-feira, 20 de Fevereiro de 2008

Supernatural, Smallville, Gossip Girl and Reaper Resume The Season With New Episodes In April

Supernatural, Smallville, Gossip Girl and Reaper Resume The Season With New Episodes In April

Supernatural Photo 



March 23

April 14

April 17

April 21

April 22

April 24

*EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS completed 22 episodes. The 12 remaining originals will begin airing March 3.

* ALIENS IN AMERICA completed 18 episodes. The 8 remaining originals will air March 2-March 23 and April 27-May 18.

creditos :

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